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Boaty McBoatface: Harmless fun or shameful sign of the times?

I wanted to share this article I found earlier today on Vice and really identified with, The Boaty McBoatface vote makes me ashamed to be British. I’m going through a Luddite phase myself at the moment, the constant connection to the rest of the world is infuriating to me right now, so the writer got me on side before he’d even made the point that society should be ashamed of how, in a vote to name a £200million research ship setting sail in the Antarctic in 2019, Boaty McBoatface came out on top. Second place went to Henry Worsely, after the explorer who died in January this year attempting a solo crossing of the Arctic. After learning of this I felt an overwhelming urge to contact the scientists and researchers that will be sailing on Boaty McBoatface and offer them my sincerest apologies on behalf of the world I live in. I restrained myself, but only because I decided I’d be too embarrassed to identify myself in any sense with that stupid name! I can’t bring myself to comment on this further, the article says it all much better than I could, but this has just confirmed to me that the world my children are growing up in is a ridiculous place, all too full of the stupid and the evil.