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The Gad About Town

The cane broke. Isn’t that all we need to know? The switch broke.

Raymond Johansen allowed himself to be tortured yesterday in solidarity with Saudi writer Raif Badawi. He was hit 50 times with a cane in Trafalgar Square, where public corporal punishments were once seen regularly but not since the 1830s. He had difficulty walking after and even expressed confusion as to where he was upon speaking with a reporter.

When a caning is administered it sometimes does not look as severe as one thinks a beating would look; even one of the words we use minimizes the severity: lashes. In writing about the Saudi Arabian writer Raif Badawi, who was sentenced last year to 1000 lashes and 10 years in prison, I have run into this weakness of language. All language is analogy, and I have wanted the analogy to convey the pain of judicial corporal punishment…

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Uchira Children’s Fund

Watch “Esther comes to stay… The first special needs child moved into the childrens village this week…”
John St Julien is a hero.  cropped-header1

He has become a massive inspiration in the way I try to live my life. He runs the charity Uchira Children’s Fund in rural Tanzania, saving children from going into child labour, helping mothers with HIV to support their families, providing  medical, nutritional, and educational support for families living in the kind of tough times that most in the West can’t even imagine. And he looks after stray dogs too!


He seems such a spiritual person to me. He has a kind of glow around him, an aura of total love and selflessness. 

11:11; John St Julien’s story of synchronisity and consciousness. 

I’ve lost count recently of how how many times I’ve tried to explain my world view to people:

“The corrupt 1% don’t care about the plight of real people, and we can’t make them care, so what we have to do is try to minimise our reliance on the elite and learn to take care of ourselves and our communities. Let the ruling class crack on and we’ll look after each other”

I’ve been trying to get #GlobalCommunity trending for months! Of course I don’t expect everybody to drop their whole lives and move to Africa,  we don’t have to go to that extreme.  We can all follow John St Julien’s example by sharing what we do have with those that are in need. Going out into our community and helping people who are struggling, in whatever way we can manage. We have to learn to share. Society keeps trying to brainwash us into thinking we’re all such special individuals that deserve to spoil ourselves, but what does it matter what shampoo you use when people in the world are starving?  The big corporations will just keep plundering the earth’s resources es, putting profits before people, so it’s down to us to remember that it’s our humanity we need to cherish. What kind of world do you want to leave your children?

Please try to find some time to catch some of John’s amazing videos on YouTube. Here are a few of my top picks:

Child labour, and why school is so important here in Uchira

A lesson in morality…

Why does humanity value pieces of paper over the life of a mother?