The Problem with Instant Gratification

I identify with a lot of what the writer says here; I enjoy writing, my fingers itch to write, but I tend to take long breaks between writing things that end up getting published because I don’t like how I end up reacting after I’ve posted. It becomes another trigger for anxiety, and that isn’t how I want to feel about my writing. So it becomes a bit of a vicious cycle but the fact is that I feel mentally healthier and more emotionally stable when I’m keeping up with my writing and, conversely, when I find myself struggling to stay positive and becoming worn down, it’s usually the case that I haven’t been.

Style with Substance

Or “Why my blog fell off for a bit”.

Instant: speedy, happening now, the new Millenials.
Gratification: gratifying
Instant Gratification: causing immediate joy/pleasure

Isn’t that our greatest problem today? We post a picture, those 1 zillion likes (real and/or fake) have to come in the second we hit “post” or few seconds before if they could. We start a business today, it better hit Wall Street tomorrow. We think of an idea, the world better jump on it this second. Or in my case, you blog and share your thoughts, the world better comment on them NOW else you stop. Instant gratification is so prevalent that it is fast becoming the motive and almost the sole driving force for most individuals and businesses. It shouldn’t be so.

Before you continue reading, I want you to drop your self defense because we are all suffering from some kind of instant gratification, in varying…

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