Police Brutality. Police Corruption. Police Harassment. Police Abuse. Police Misconduct.

The Militant Negro™

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Jueseppi B

This post, in light of current police brutality around the globe, may very well be the most important thing you read today. I thank PoliceCrimes.com for taking the time and effort to compile the videos and information along with links. We as citizens, regardless of your skin color, need to know our rights and our options when confronted with law enforcement officers.

Stay Safe.


From PoliceCrimes.com

Police Brutality, Police Corruption, Police Harassment, Police Abuse, Police Misconduct


Your Rights Talking To The Police

What makes police officer’s and the government powerless? When the American people know and use their rights!

Police officers don’t like to hear these words:

“Am I free to go?” – “I don’t consent to a search”…

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