Jon Cowden of #Anonymous Back in Custody, Being Moved to St. Louis

The Cryptosphere

Jon Cowden Jon Cowden

Well, he had a job. He had a car. He had a home. He even had a dog. And now he has a long Con Air flight to St. Louis from San Diego ahead of him, because he also had a knife, expired plates, months left on parole, and an ex who’d attempted to get a restraining order.

Jon Cowden, formerly of OpIsrael and OpPalestine among other Anonymous operations, had previously served 13 months and 2 days of a 15 month sentence, and was then released on parole. The formerly affluent Cowden, an experienced programmer who’d earned the finer things in life through his regular employment, fell on hard times earlier this year, ending up in a fleabag motel, down to his last folding money in March. Offered a good job in Los Angeles, he was unable to take it because his parole restrictions kept…

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