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I have ignored this all day. I tried my best to not see this. I have failed.

Syrian Boy Drowned Toddler Washed Up on Turkish Shore (VIDEO)

Published on Sep 2, 2015

This is the video that captured the human tragedy of Europe’s migrant crisis: a Turkish border guard tenderly cradling the lifeless body of a Syrian toddler, washed ashore on the beach of a holiday resort. The body of the little boy. BBC NEWS.

Migrant crisis: video of drowned boy sparks outcry.
Shocking video of drowned boy crystallises Europe migrant crisis.
It has quickly become one of the most chilling images of Europe’s worst migrant crisis for 70 years: a photo of a drowned toddler lying face down on the sands of a famous beach resort. More. On this story. Budapest refugees’ ticket to nowhere, “Financial Times”.

Video of drowned boy washed up on

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