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Hiller VZ-1 Pawnee via Vault of the Atomic Space Age on Facebook Hiller VZ-1 Pawnee via Vault of the Atomic Space Age on Facebook

Twas the day before Friday and all through the ‘Sphere our tech minions were working to keep channels clear. There were rumours of hacks coming in from afar, and a specious hot tip from some guy at the bar. The Anons were nestled all snug in the SHU and the smack-happy screws now had nothing to do. When from Warden’s office there came such a roar every man on the cell block distinctly heard “WHORE!”

The Warden’s fave sex site had been thoroughly hacked, his prospects for promotion now utterly jacked. Mrs Warden, you know, gave the old man the boot, and the hackers on Earth gave a united “WOOT!”

On Barrett, on Hammond, on Manning and Snowden, on Assange, and others the kudos were loadin’. They’d not touched the site, never been there at all. But the…

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Thank F*ck. I’m Finally Over You. | elephant journal

Just found this article by Alex Myles on Elephant Journal and I identified with it on such a visceral level that I had to share it here.
The way she articulates clinging to the pain of a break up, the grieving for what could, should, have been is so familiar to me right now, as is the fear of letting go of that anguish.
How do you let go of something that you still desperately want, someone that you yearn for every night as you go to bed alone. Knowing you can’t have something doesn’t stop you from needing it. Knowing something will destroy you can’t stop you from loving it.

I cried out your name. I screamed so loud but no sound came out.

No one heard and no one came to the rescue.

So, I danced alone with our death.

I stepped in time with a shadow. Of a love I once knew.

I didn’t know what was there at the end of our line. I was terrified to let go of the comfort that holding our memories gave.

Then it hit me harder. The loss. Not just the loss of you, the loss of us, of what we could have been. And of all the “if only” thoughts that tangle and then knot my mind.

I had to stand up and open my eyes.

I’ve carried this weight. I’ve taken you with me, all because I couldn’t let go. I wouldn’t.

I risked all for this love. I let you in. I sealed all the edges. I locked you in tight.

Now I’m letting it out. I’m letting you go.
Alex Miles

So I get it, and I hope to reach the place she has really soon, cos I often feel I am losing my mind, but in some ways, I don’t want to move on, I don’t want to get over the last seven years of my life that I gave up so much to have. I don’t want to be rid of the future I dreamed for us, the things I knew we would have, and soon, we were so close to finally getting to where we’d wanted to be for so long. I can still see that future we were supposed to have and I don’t want to give up on it. I want it. That’s how my life should look.
I’m getting there on my own, I’m still working hard and achieving everything I wanted, but on a personal level I am falling apart, because it isn’t supposed to be like this. I’m meant to be sharing it all with the person I first imagined it with.

Read Alex Myles’ article, Thank F*ck I’m Finally Over You, here, and I’ve just found her blog, Love and Other Stuff, that I can’t wait to have a proper read of as there looks to be some great poetry on there.


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The Gad About Town

The cane broke. Isn’t that all we need to know? The switch broke.

Raymond Johansen allowed himself to be tortured yesterday in solidarity with Saudi writer Raif Badawi. He was hit 50 times with a cane in Trafalgar Square, where public corporal punishments were once seen regularly but not since the 1830s. He had difficulty walking after and even expressed confusion as to where he was upon speaking with a reporter.

When a caning is administered it sometimes does not look as severe as one thinks a beating would look; even one of the words we use minimizes the severity: lashes. In writing about the Saudi Arabian writer Raif Badawi, who was sentenced last year to 1000 lashes and 10 years in prison, I have run into this weakness of language. All language is analogy, and I have wanted the analogy to convey the pain of judicial corporal punishment…

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#RaifBadawi and Official Cruelty


The Gad About Town

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave an official response this week to criticism of its sentence of flogging for writer Raif Badawi. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia responded to Amnesty International, Prince Charles, the German foreign minister, the Canadian foreign minister, the millions of petition creators and signers around the world, the tens of thousands who have marched in protest of a country’s policy of whipping as a punishment for writing. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia delivered a response to a young woman and mother of three whose husband has been sentenced to a caning for writing.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia wants us to know that it is angry about the criticism, does not like it even one bit, and would like us all to mind our own business. In more diplomatic language, it released an anonymous statement which said in part: “Saudi Arabia expresses its intense surprise…

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Raymond Johansen of #PPI and #Anonymous Flogged in Solidarity with #FreeRaif Badawi: Video

Wow. What a brave, principled man. Inspiration for us all to keep fighting for what we believe in.

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Raymond Johansen drawn in blood. well, okay, red ink. Via Raymond Johansen on Facebook Raymond Johansen drawn in blood. well, okay, red ink. Via Raymond Johansen on Facebook

Well, he did it, kittens.

Pirate Party International and Anonymous activist, torture survivor and Cryptosphere contributor Raymond Johansen underwent 50 lashes in Trafalgar Square last night to raise awareness of the case of imprisoned blogger Raif Badawi, sentenced to 1000 lashes and ten years, just as he said he would.

He really did it.

It was the first public flogging in Trafalgar Square since the 1830’s. The practice of flogging for punishment was banned for cruelty in the UK in 1948 for adults, but not banned for children at school until 1987.

Raymond was beaten with a cane, the same weapon used by the religious police and prison officials on Badawi in his Saudi prison. You can watch a video of an authentic Saudi flogging below for comparison purposes. Caning has drawn much…

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Pirate Party Activist Raymond Johansen to Be Publicly Flogged Sunday

The Cryptosphere

This is a press release which we helped create. Please share and repost widely. Raymond is a contributor to the Cryptosphere as well as a Pirate party activist.

Raif Badawi

Torture survivor and Global Pirate Party activist Raymond Johansen will subject himself to 50 lashes in the middle of Trafalgar Square, London at 9:30 pm Sunday August 16.

Johansen is undergoing the ordeal in solidarity with Raif Badawi, a Saudi Arabian blogger imprisoned for apostasy in contradiction of Saudi Arabia’s own Sharia Law. Badawi was sentenced to 1000 lashes, to be delivered 50 at a time. Johansen will take 50 of Badawi’s 1000 sentenced lashes as an act of solidarity and support, in order to draw attention to the outrageous torture which has rendered Badawi’s health precarious. Ministers in the government of the UK have spoken in support of the punishment:

Johansen also hopes that moving public torture from the…

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The following is part of the “Perhaps You Could Tell Me Upon Which Fence I Am Sitting ? regarding my then MP Stephen Gilbert” Blog Posted on this site on 30 April 2015.

(Please left click on the inserts to enlarge then use the back arrow < to return)



Pictured is the Harassment Order which led to my arrest on 24 April 2012, when I was taken to St Austell Police Station, Cornwall, processed as a criminal and spent just under an hour locked up. The arrest concerned blogs on my website which were my only means of defending myself against extreme provication, namely the TPAS mediation Scam. That ex TPAS Consultant Manager Oonah Lacey, who was sacked by TPAS within months of the Scam for alleged fraud, had lodged a complaint of Harassment against me.


Pictured is Oonah Lacey…

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Numbers: All the Wrong People Dying

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black lives matter die in via AlterNet on Twitter black lives matter die in via AlterNet on Twitter

For Henry and Eric
“Unnatural deeds do breed unnatural troubles.” ― Wm. Shakespeare, Macbeth

Look how the world is lying,
All the wrong people dying
All the worst people thriving.

Those who once were pariahs
Fight for a crown of lightning
That cracks skulls like a lion.

Whose is the heartsick sighing?
Why all this pointless vying?
What is the point of trying?

The guards have murdered their king
In the hall where the deaf sing
And princes malinger

While the wise are praised for fools,
The kindness resolves to null
And revokes our shared parole.

Numbers is a weekly news commentary column in poetical form by Curt Hopkins. “Numbers” is an historic term for poetry, and also alludes to the numbers in programming.

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Behold: the Queen of #Anonymous

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leet troll via Quickmeme leet troll via Quickmeme

Leaderfagging: you’re doing it wrong.

To be honest, kittens, this is one of the rare cases where the YouTube transcript makes more sense than the actual words in the interview. Still, we cannot pass up the opportunity to share this rare serving of word salad from the Queen of Anonymous, who was there in 4chan and knew, she says, everybody.

Except Gregg Housh. She told the interviewer she’s never heard of him.

You might recall Housh as probably the first Anon to get actually, IRL famous when he was outed as a result of his work with Project Chanology, the 2008 Anonymous operation against Scientology which turned Anonymous, and for a time Housh, into household names.

The premise of the interview was to get some information about actual Boots on the Ground at protests, which is the name of the forthcoming documentary from…

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