#AnonDown | We are Anonymous and this is

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#AnonDown | We are Anonymous and this is Operation Cyber Privacy,

This week we have turned our resources toward the crushing and horrific murder of our brother Jay Mack; a known and loved Anon within the collective for many years. His death falls upon the heels of the passing of ‘anti-protest’ bill c51 in Canada and brings with it sadness, frustration and a ferocious thirst for justice.

On July 16th 2015 James Daniel McIntyre was attending a planned and public protest against BC Hydro in Dawson’s Creek, British Columbia. RCMP were called to address another individual, yet somehow managed to set sights upon the wrong man. As a result, and because he was allegedly in possession of a knife, our brother was viciously murdered. He was not shot to disarm. He was not grappled by the two large officers on scene. He was not handled with reasonable force as mandated…

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