There are no nation states

I wanted to share this as I’m really interested in the effect that all these international laws, trade agreements, and the government crack down on freedom have on community. I’m all about community, I think that’s where society’s gone wrong and we let them con us into forgetting to love thy neighbour by distracting us into buying all the right stuff cos we’re all unique individuals who are entitled to be selfish and look out for number one. And we fell for it.
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Heather Marsh

Nation has always been a fuzzy term. Even in times when distance, mountains and rivers posed insurmountable barriers to assimilation, when nations were divided by language, dress, laws and beliefs, both the customs and the populations of these nations were constantly evolving.

States have no resemblance to nations. States are created by the highly militarized partitioning of societies into economic markets and property ownership completely regardless of who the people in those states are or how the creation of the state divides and restricts our nations.

While nations are living and fluid and variable depending on context and perspective, states are an attempt to freeze one official historical viewpoint for all time. States preserve culture to prevent it from living, keep it steeped in formaldehyde unable to breathe and grow. Nations as defined by states are inviolable, to suggest change is sacrilegious, to question perspective or boundaries is deemed intolerable.

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