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TTIP must be stopped. I don’t understand why there isn’t more fuss about our elected governments just handing over huge amounts of power to already far too influential, international corporations!
What the hell is wrong with people? Are we really all just brainwashed sheep? I find that hugely depressing.

This is definitely something I want to look into further. Sharing posts and signing petitions just doesn’t feel adequate to deal with something this big. I feel like I need to be doing more and I don’t know how!

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via Activists on Fast Track to #StopFastTrack | The Fifth Column.

Raymond Johansen, international coordinator for the Norway Chapter of the Pirate Party and advisory board member of FreeAnons, is part of the global movement connected by social media and the internet to oppose FTAs.  He points to the strength of a “network of connections on all continents” that will put an end to the trade deals that primarily benefit multinational corporations.

Profile pix largeI see international trade agreements as a form of economic imperialism where the large economies, such as the US, gets too much power and render democracies in our countries obsolete. From the standpoint of a European citizen and as a strong supporter of transparency I especially dislike the TPP. I also find it incredible that the US people are not more worried about what TPP will mean for them.

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