#24 This makes my blood boil

I agree with so much of this post.
So many people seem so wrapped up in how others who are different to them don’t deserve the same rights and freedoms. We blame immigrants for a lack of jobs. We blame the disabled and unemployed for being too lazy to work. Desperate people turn up on our shores, half crazed with malnutrition and fear, fleeing from terrifying circumstances that have forced them to escape their own homes, circumstances that all too often we had a hand in causing in one way or another, and we send these people on. They’re lucky to get some bread and water from us before getting sent on their way. Or if we do let them ashore we lock them up in privately run refugee camps where allegations of torture and sexual abuse of children are rife, yet the UN don’t have the power to investigate because the private international companies that run the camps won’t allow them access.
And the government love it. All this pointing fingers at each other, finding people worse off than we are to blame for all that’s wrong with society. If we have no community to fall back on, if they keep pushing the erosion of family values, we become ever more submissive. If we’re picking fights with each other then we’re not looking up at the people at the top of the pyramid, we’re not paying attention to how they’re keeping us downtrodden while they live the good life. Divide and rule!
The only way to put things right is for us to come together. Cherish diversity while concentrating on the ways in which we’re all the same. Look after the people less well off than you so that everyone living in your community can thrive.
Society’s values are all wrong right now and it’s up to us to put it right. People or animals, have respect for all living things and fight to make your community strong again.

Stop Taking The Blue Pill

I don’t normally “write” posts but as the title says, this topic makes my blood boil and I couldn’t keep silent.  This isn’t going to be a popular post because 99% of the people I know would hate it and not agree with me.  Most humans get super defensive on this topic and don’t want to even think about it.

With that said, here is what got me going:

Headline and excerpt from December 5, 2014


‘Apeus corpus?  Chimps not human, says New York court’

“A New York court has ruled that a chimpanzee is not legally a person and is therefore not entitled to human rights. An animal rights group had sought to free a chimp from captivity, likening it to a person suffering unlawful solitary confinement.

Tommy is the great ape at the center of the scandal. Formerly in the entertainment business, his life has fallen on…

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